Client Testimonials

I was worried about finding a dog walker because my Akita Dozer is hyper and likes to play rough. He is very hard to walk and even my husband struggles to keep him under control.

Dana is one in a million; she has personal experience walking hyper dogs and had lots of suggestions on how to improve Dozer’s behavior. more


Doggie’s Angels Services

Here are just a few of our basic Angel Protection services. Please feel free to contact us about any additional services.

Group Walks aka Pack of Angels

We will walk your dog in a group of 3 or less dogs, at a set time. We will also feed, replenish water, and administer medications as necessary. We provide pick up and drop off services.

Weekly Rate: (5 days)
30 minute walk $85
60 minute walk $100

Weekly Rates must include 5 visits a week
*See Our Neighborhood incentive below


Daily Rate:
30 minute walk $20
60 minute walk $25
*Group walks can only be provided if there is a current group in your area or you provide a group

Individual Walks aka Independent Angel

We will walk your dog individually to give them the attention they deserve. We will also feed, replenish water, and administer medications as necessary. We provide pick up and drop off services.

Weekly Rate: (5 days)
30 minute walk $100
60 minute walk $125

Additional Dogs are $5 per Day

Longer or shorter walks can be accomodated


Daily Rate:
30 minute walk $25
60 minute walk $30

Little Angel Puppy Package

If your puppy has not had their vacations shots and can not be taken out for walks, Doggie’s Angels will come to your home and provide the following services: exercise your puppy, feed your puppy a nutritious meal, change their water, and help your puppy become potty trained.

30 minute $ 25
60 minute $ 30

*Crate training also available

Aged Angel Stroll

All dogs no matter what age need exercise (daily walks) for there wellbeing. Walks will be customized to your dog’s pace.

* All Angel’s has had experience working with, as well as walking dogs who have arthritis and/or other special needs.

30 minute individual walk $ 25
60 minute individual walk $ 30

Pet Sitting Protection Plan

You will have piece of mind knowing that when you are away Doggie’s Angels will protect your loved one. We will provide them with all of the care, love, and attention that we give our own pets.

Your Angel will have plenty of playtime, belly rubs and several walks around the neighborhood. We will replenish their water, prepare a meal for your dog, and administer medication if necessary. Cuddling included!

We will also water your plants, bring in your mail, and take out the trash. You tell us what you need and we will accommodate your needs so that you can have more time for yourself, as well as more time to spend with you loved ones.

Overnight $75-$100
*overnights are 7pm-7am, includes a daily walk

Day Sitting

30 Minute Visit - $20
45 Minute Visit - $25
60 Minute Visit - $30
90 Minute Visit - $40

Day Sitting Special
$19 per hour with 4 Hour Minimum

Project Defecation Elimination A.K.A. Poop Scooping

“No jobs too dirty for the Angels.”

Why deal with this stinking situation? Let the Angels do it for you.

Special poop inspection also included. All suspicious poop will be taken in further investigation.
*Samples of poop that appears to be of concern will be examined by a trusted veterinarian

(these prices only apply with dog walking services)

1 day a week - $30
3 days a week - $60
5 days a week - $100

Poop scooping is available separately, require within for pricing

Operation Transportation A.K.A. Pet Taxi

We safely transport your pet while you are at work, on vacation, or too busy to do it yourself. We go to the veterinarian, groomer, dog park, or wherever they might need to go. This package includes a short walk, a treat and lots of love for our fuzzy passenger.


  • $25 with dog walking customer
  • $35 for separate service

Price may vary on location

Angel Meet and Greet A.K.A. Dog Park, Socialization

A field trip to the dog park….a great safe place for your dog to run, play and socialize with other dogs. Includes pick up, drop off, fresh water, and treat.

$35 for an hour of playtime

Mission Angel Adventure AKA Run or Hike

If a walk is not enough for your active dog advance your dog to the next level. The Angel’s will take them on a covert operation A.K.A. run or a hike, whichever you prefer. After your dog’s mission is complete they will come home satisfied and tired from a job well done.


*We can develop a personalized fitness plan customized to your dog’s needs.

$30 Run for 30 Minutes
$35 Run or hike for 60 Minutes

(we will pick up and drop off)

Rescue, Retrieve, Return AKA (Lost Dog Services)

“Let our Angel’s protect yours”

Program includes:

  • We would provide your dog with a dog tag that has our 24/7 emergency hot line number on it. As soon as we get the call from the person who found your dog, we will pick them up; in a matter of no time we will have your pup safety back to you. If you are at work or on vacation we will take care of your dog until you are available.
  • We will immediately put up signs  throughout the surrounding area.
  • Register your dog in all local lost dog databases.
  • Check all local shelters
  • Go door to door in your neighborhood.

*Upon enrollment we perform an assessment which includes gathering all important information (i.e.) your dog’s veterinarian, medical needs, and emergency contact numbers. All information would be safely kept on file.

$20 a month

$150 for the Year
($30 savings)

$25- Sign up fee

(Sign up fee is waived is you are a current  customer)

Special Promotions & Incentives

Referral Program-

  • Tell your friend about us and if they book us we will give you a free one hour walk.
  • Tell three friends about us and if they book us we will give a free night of pet sitting.

Neighborhood Group Incentive- if you put a group of 4 or more dogs together we will walk you dog for free for the entire time.